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The vision of Change the Stigma is to eliminate the misguided stereotypes that divide society by promoting discussion and open-mindedness through the arts and community events. 

We do this by hosting meetings for our members to have intellectual discussion on stigmas of all types. We then provide the materials for these people to express what they've learned and experienced through art. Our members then work as a team to put together free multimedia art shows for the public in order to promote community and to spread the value of understanding how stigmas influence our society.


We have just launched our curriculum and conversation model, so that CTS can be brought to homes across the globe. We aim to create liberation in the forms of dance, laughter, art making, self care, group talk, mindfulness, and vulnerability. We aim to  rid ourselves of fear, complaint, shame, rage, doubt, and stress, while fostering a tribe of radical support. The focus of CTS has shifted to wellness and liberation because personal growth is what begets social transformation. The goal of the curriculum is to create meaningful discussion around topics that are often left undiscussed due to stigma and lack of access. All social movements began in the resistance of individuals who chose to think freely. 

Further information, Including the Curriculum and Conversation Model, can be found on our resources page!

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